frequently asked questions

Is Partnership Resources a print broker or “middle man”?
Yes, we are a print broker, although we don't like the negative connotation of that word. “Broker” implies someone who brings a buyer and seller together earning a commission from the deal. Partnership Resources is a value-added reseller. We provide a service for both the print buyer and the manufacturer.

How can Partnership Resources assist me as a print buyer?
We provide the objectivity of representing various production facilities, each with their own strengths. Unlike a traditional plant representative, we do not have to “sell” a 40" press when a 28" press will suffice. We can freely suggest web printing if we feel that there may be a savings there for our customer. In a nutshell, we give our customers options that no single print facility can. We also go to bat for our clients; when problems arise we are your advocates. We look out for our customers’ best interests. We gladly get in the “middle” for our customers’ sake!

What happens if there is a problem?
Since we act as your single point of contact for all your printing needs you will never hear us play “the blame game”. If an issue should arise we will work tirelessly to make sure the project is delivered to your satisfaction.

Does using Partnership Resources undermine my job as a print buyer?
No. As a savvy print buyer, you already have a toolbox full of suppliers. Think of us as just another tool, and reach for us when you need us. At first, you may use us only when no other tool fits, but soon you will find that we are handy for many applications. We also assist many one-person production departments that simply need a little help managing complex projects. We are here to help whenever needed.

Will I know where my work is being produced?
Absolutely. We encourage your participation and welcome you to come on a press check. Whenever possible, we will strive to use local facilities allowing us greater control over the process and stimulating our local economy. Should you have specific location based requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate you.


[Large Marketing/PR firm, Boston MA]

“A note of thanks for all of the hard work you always put into our projects. Working with you makes our lives easier and gives us piece of mind. Thanks for being our partner.”